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How to Train Teleworkers

Launch Interactive E-Learning Module: How to Train Teleworkers

The employees you select to telework should be self-disciplined, independent and results-driven. Employees who perform well on site will most likely perform well no matter where they work.

Before implementing your program, you will need to train your employees. This module will help you with the following:

  • Review your company's telework goals
  • What makes a successful teleworker
  • Suitable teleworker characteristics
  • Anticipating red flags
  • Team success factors
  • Leveraging the technology
  • Maximizing virtual meetings
  • Facing the challenges

This module also provides teleworkers with effective methods for scheduling, planning and working, and other subjects including:

  • Using equipment and software
  • Company and employee equipment liability
  • Information security
  • Working at home challenges
  • How to "Get a buddy"
  • Creating and organizing your workspace
  • Staying in touch with the office
  • Obtaining supervisor feedback

Training employees before the program is only the beginning. Ongoing training should be utilized as the program grows. Teleworkers will need to be able to:

  • Build trust with supervisors
  • Avoid misconceptions by co-workers
  • Create a seamless environment for customers
  • Plan for a productive day
  • Avoid creating additional work for others
  • Avoid overworking (know when and how to end the workday)
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Avoid potential household distractions