Telework in the News

Agencies That Cut Telework Took a Beating in Annual Employee Survey  Two federal departments that controversially made unilateral cuts to their telework programs were among the worst performers in this year's survey of federal employees' happiness and engagement. 

More Americans Now Telecommute Than Take Public Transportation to Work Driving remains the predominant form of commuting. But for the first time, the next most common is working from home. 

Federal Agencies are Told to Help Commuting Employees Cope with Metrorail Disruption Federal agencies have been urged to allow more telework and alternative work schedules for their employees during the current work on Metrorail.

Telepresence Robots Keep Teleworkers Better Connected Telepresence robots gives remote workers a physical presence in the office and allows teleworkers to feel more in control of their experience and provide flexibility that a typical web collaborations tool might not be able to offer. 

Rep. Connolly Fears 'Broad Retreat' on Telework Following Education's Policy Reversal Connolly raised concerns that cuts to telework would hamstring the Trump administration's ability to build a 21st-century workforce as envisioned in the President's Management Agenda. 

 How Remote Work Options Could Win Over Potential Hires Potential hires may hustle to put pen to paper when offers include remote work options, and the perk could convince current employees to stick around,too, various studies have shown.

Successful in Sweat Pants?  The Pros and Cons of Working from Home More than three quarters of professionals surveyed (77 percent) said they are more likely to accept a job offer if there's the possibility of telecommuting at least some of the time.

How to Work from Home  A guide to becoming a successful teleworker.

How I-66 toll money will be spent  Arlington County Commuter Services will fund new staff – one for marketing and one for outreach – to expand ACCS’s employer and residential interactions with a focus on promoting telework and flexible work schedules.