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What is Telework
What Is Telework?

Telework means working at any alternative location other than your central worksite. A telework program gives selected employees and managers the option of working off-site on a full-time, part-time, or even temporary basis. Staff may choose to work from home offices, telework centers, or satellite offices. How formal or informal your telework arrangement is depends on your company and employee needs. Some teleworking arrangements require nothing more than a phone line, while others involve a full home office setup. How simple your telework arrangement is depends on your company's business needs.

Telework terms to know:

  • Teleworking – a work arrangement where managers/supervisors permit employees to perform their usual job duties away from their central workplace, in accordance with their same performance expectations and other agreed-upon terms
  • Teleworker – an employee who works away from his/her central workplace all or part of the workweek, either at home or at another designated or approved alternate work location
  • Central worksite – an employee's work headquarters or official duty station where he/she would normally report to work if not teleworking
  • Alternate work location – an approved work site, usually the employee's home or a telework center, where official business is performed
  • Telecommuting – this is the same as teleworking, but it isn't about the commute, it is about working, so we use the word "telework" instead