Benefits of Telework

Many employers have implemented telework on an as-needed basis during the COVID-19 pandemic. But others have incorporated telework into their long-term business strategy and are reaping the resulting benefits and savings. Job seekers and current employees want flexibility, and the option to telework is often a key factor in a worker’s decision to accept a job offer or stay at their current place of employment. Telework provides a wealth of benefits for your company, your employees, and your community. Even if your company has transitioned back to on-site work, it makes good business sense to continue offering telework options.

Telework!VA representatives can show you how a good telework program can help you:

Attract and Retain the Best Employees

Flexible working arrangements that include telework are high on employees’ required list of benefits. It is a competitive job market; use telework options to attract and retain the most talented employees.

A telework program can also help your company get recognition as a national leader by being designated a Best Workplaces for Commuters work site.

Grow Your Talent Pool

When a daily commute is not required, you can expand your recruitment to a much larger geographic radius.

Boost Your Bottom Line

Telework allows you to increase the number of people on staff without increasing your company’s office space.

Alleviate Absenteeism

Telework can dramatically reduce days and hours missed, decrease work interruptions, and allow you to expand your hours of operation for customers.

Decrease Down Time

Snow days become go days when your remote workforce is engaged and can work safely from home. Telework allows your business to remain open even when the physical office needs to be closed.

Go Green

Telework is the ultimate green initiative. With your employees making fewer single occupant vehicle trips to and from the workplace, your company is improving air quality and reducing its carbon footprint.

Telework also helps cure congestion. Having fewer cars on the road improves traffic flow and reduces congestion-related backups and delays.

Lead the way with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). A telework program can serve as credit toward LEED certification.


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